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This week the board members for GELSSA voted unanimously to dedicate up to $25,000.00 to match dealer’s donations to the Sandy Springs Legal Fund to stop the false alarm ordinance in Sandy Springs Georgia. Our attorneys have set a $250,000.00 budget to see this lawsuit to the end. With this “fine the dealer” scenario in our back yard, dealers in Georgia have to step up and fight this ordinance or it could spread like a wildfire.

We also have many national dealers agreeing to help with this fund, but we need to do our part. Many dealers have received fines from Sandy Springs and I have heard these fines have exceeded over $50,000.00 in just one month.

I have not heard anyone say that Sandy Springs has implemented a “no dispatch policy” on anyone yet. Obviously, if we can prove in court that this is an unconstitutional ordinance then the fines levied would also be unconstitutional.

Keep in mind that Sandy Springs is no longer receiving the money from false alarm fines from residents where they had over an eighty percent collection rate.

I have had dozens of dealers tell me they would rather send money to fight this ordinance than to pay Sandy Springs fines.

If ignored, ordinances like this can become dangerous precedents that quickly take hold in other jurisdictions around the country, putting your customers and your business at risk.

We need your financial support to fund legal action.

So, let’s get this started! I will contribute the first $1000.00 and challenge you to step up and donate what you can today!  

Please send your donations to

PO Box 749
Buford, GA 30515

If you want to pay by credit card send an email to or call or text Kelley Price @ 770-547-9620 or email

To make this more affordable GELSSA can bill you monthly at any amount you are comfortable with donating.

This email and what you do with it could change our industry for the better or worse. So, make that call or mail a check to GELSSA and help us fight the Sandy Springs False Alarm Ordinance.
Thank You,
Dan Gordon
GELSSA President


Use the following link to read the ordinance

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