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Will you help us stand and fight. For what is Right in our industry?


Some DANGEROUS THINGS (ie: Senate Bill SB294)  have been happening in our state government while you have been busy 'being busy' and running your business. 


SB294 was introduced quickly and quietly as it passed through the Senate without any opposition.  (Then, luckily, GELSSA found out about it.)


The goal of this bill is to allow any Class2 Electrician to automatically be granted an UNRESTRICTED LOW VOLTAGE license. Not a UNRESTRICTED LV license.

So, who cares right? What is a little more competition? Do I really care that if this bill passes and overnight there will be and additional approximate 9,000 UNRESTRICTED LV licensees?
YOU SHOULD, and here is why:



1.     FALSE ALARMS! - Imagine how many more we could potentially have when electricians with no training or experience start 'learning on the job' while installing burg and fire alarms.

2.     MORE and STRICTER ordinances from frustrated municipalities

3.     Potential NON-RESPONSE to Burglar alarms due to bad installations and training

4.     LIFE SAFETY. Seriously, installing systems without proper training could cost some people their lives.

5.     Consumers having LESS CONFIDENCE when they have a bad experiences.




WHAT CAN YOU DO? Contribute a little bit to help ensure we have the necessary weapons to fight these types of laws. Did you know the Electricians have at least THREE LOBBIEST looking out for them Not just defensively, but OFFENSIVELY. Wouldn't you consider SB294 an offensive move?


YOU DON'T WANT TO BE A MEMBER OF ESA(national) or GELSSA? You feel it is too much money for things YOU do not want? Fair enough! But is it fair for GELSSA to shell out $50,000 a year to help protect our industry?

Let's be fair. HELP US, HELP YOU! 



GELSSA does not have enough money to hire someone to look out for OUR industry with our current income. So we are hoping ALL companies who work in the “Life Safety” industry (Burg, Fire, PERS, Access Control, Home Automation) will pitch in to help protect our livelyhood.


We have a GUIDELINE with a goal of making this FAIR for all companies. BIG and SMALL.
The “GUIDELINE” is 25 cents/year per monitored account. Seriously, this is a small price to pay for helping protect our industries reputation, our customers, and our businesses.

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